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A Kitchen that Cooks Creativity

How difficult it is to organize a kitchen that has been in turmoil for years, only God and that poor girl knew.

She was really perturbed with the thought of making her small kitchen spacious and updated like the ones she is used to viewing on TV screens. The protagonist here is not just a foodie but one who takes delight in inventing recipes. So, you can very well understand that the kitchen is like a Church to her that demands " Cleanliness Is To Godliness".

The story has now changed and the kitchen appears one-of-a-kind with a stark difference from its previous look.

Surprises Unfurl at Every Corner

The wash sink basin now doubles as a chopping board where she can complete washing and chopping the vegetables before delivering them to the cooking area where the kadai awaits them.

Although darkness makes a room appear smaller, she found it hard to keep off from her love for rich black.

Transterior, her interior design consultant did not let her compromise with her taste. The kitchen cabinetry including the refrigerator and oven now boast rich elegance of dark wood without the least hint of darkness.

The walls feature a light cream shade, which is perfectly maintained by her attendant. The kitchen is as alluring as coffee and cream with the present colour palette.

The counter space beneath the cabinets is nicely illuminated with LED strips installed under them.

A couple of stylish pendants hanging from the ceiling and a mirrored backsplash play the game.

The replacement of the old bulbs with LED versions, has been a wise choice indeed in keeping the electric bills low.

Thanks to the premium interior designer in Kolkata, which has taken care of every little thing.

Majority of the cooking utensils of regular use such as ladles, spatulas, kadai, saucepans have a loop or hole in their handles meant for hanging.

Racks made of industrial hardware complement the dark wood cabinets and cream walls, holding all the stainless steel utensils in the height order adjacent to the cooking stove. The other wall of the kitchen has been rendered an artistic touch with a peg board painted in a shade close to that of the wall.

"Utensil storage has become as fun as joining the puzzle pieces together", she said.

A portion of the counter space excluding the wash basin and cooking areas bear little shelves for extra storage so that the countertops are free from unwanted objects that result in visual clutter.

Countertops featuring Clean Lines

The countertops have been designed in the simplest way with precise turns, not involving any complexities.

Not an inch of space underneath has got wasted.

This is evident from the availability of compartments in multiple sizes for the effortless storage of each and every item present in the kitchen.

Transterior finally proved that space and size have nothing to do with the style of one's kitchen. It is only how creative one can be in making the most of one what has. So, be contented and tackle your kitchen troubles in the same way.

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