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As the saying goes "Home is Where the Heart Is'' is truly reflected by the interior decor of Nina's home. The thing to be appreciated the most in this is home is that every individual of the family has his or her favourite space. Creature comforts backed with innovative interior space planning, make the residents of this home feel like they are in the seventh heaven. Each room here is a transition from the other not only in terms of functionality but the mood, which it creates. That contemporary decor is not about keeping off the natural light and filling up the room in a frenzy, is what Nina's home indicates.

How Can Your Living Room Become a Chill Pill?

This living room is exemplary of getting sleek to sleeker when it comes to the use of furnishings. The moment you step into the room, you will literally feel as if you are walking on air. She used the choicest of blues and whites for bringing in tranquillity aided by the picturesque sight outside. Rich textures like the shimmering wall paint, animal hide rug and the smooth white sofa have been balanced by the simple wood plank flooring and centre table. Such openness is a necessity these days when you are living in apartments and have a common terrace to share. Thanks to Transterior for putting the apartment's view into use for an endearing interior space.

A Bathroom that Rejuvenates Your Senses

With quality and modern bath fittings, the bathroom doesn't look expensive but surely enriching every time you head out for a shower. Instead of expensive tiles, the walls have been painted with a cool green hue that in itself is very refreshing. What is special about this bathroom is that it makes enough room for natural light, which has outshone every other feature. Indoor plants are unbeatable accessories as these improve oxygen circulation and your eyesight, as well. It was Nina's idea to border the simple long mirror with the same tiles as that of the shower area.

Bedroom Blessed with Wood

It is only when you hire one of the top interior designers in Kolkata like Transterior, you get an insight of how to benefit from the right kind of decor both budget and health-wise. The slender bed frame made of wood catches the eye instantly and is a great healer of your muscular problems in future, without a mattress. Fabrics and drapes in shades of grey including the walls offer an earthy feel for the warmth required to remove your stress. A classic charm is retained by the floor-length doors with wooden frames, allowing uninterrupted sunshine for a cheerful morning each day. Those cylindrical lampshades could finally be flaunted by Nina since she had bought them from the International Trade Fair last year.

An Uber-Stylish Dining Room

A perfect setting for Sunday gatherings at lunch or dinner; Nina's dining area rocks! The base of the dining table is super cool while the glossy chairs in ash are sleek, sturdy and very contemporary. Whites and grey have a calm effect on the mind if used in the right way while the wide window itself acts as a natural canvas on the wall. This area of the house is everyone's favourite, next to the living room.

Royal but Subtle

The navy blue colour predominating the kitchen adds a hint of opulence without destroying its simplicity. Lamps and wooden brackets of the shelf render a vintage charm. White brick tiles, sink and window frames balance the dark colour of the cabinetry for a sober and clutter-free look. The home makeover is about to complete a year and every nook of it shouts out loud " I AM GORGEOUS!"

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