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Bathrooms that Appear as Mini-Spas at Home

What can be more insulting than being called bad names in the mind of those who make way to your sick bathroom?

Remember that TV commercial where a woman awfully criticizes her relative for the unavailability of an 'ODONIL' in the bathroom?

Mrs Sen too, went through the same situation until her bathroom became a new discovery for her guests. Now, it is almost identical to the professional spas in the city, which does not demand any reservation time or cost and can be used by her even at the dead of the night.

But how did the magic happen?

She already possesses a fine taste, which is vital for choosing the right colours and every other thing needed for a plush ambience without ignoring its subtlety.

Little things make big differences in life and the same was applied to this bathroom that was not impressive at all even a couple of months ago.

Less is More

A minimalist look is always welcome in a bathroom especially if one wishes to transform it into the ultimate spot of recreation at home.

She used a soothing light shade of coconut green on the walls of the bathroom. It reminds of the leafy glades running towards the beach. An earthy palette always works with a small bathroom in producing a calming and organic effect. The bathroom now appears cleaner and comforting than earlier.

Why Professional Lighting is a Must?

Lighting has the greater part to play when it comes to set a particular mood as per the need of the hour.

Instead of calling a local electrician, she hired a professional for the lighting of the bathroom. The ceiling flaunts recessed lighting while the sconces add elegance and class. The trick used is a dimmer control for brightening or softening the light as and when required.

Installation of these devices involve complex wiring issues but Transterior made it safe for her with their seasoned experts in every aspect of interior designing.

Wood for the Foot

Wood flooring is not suitable for damp areas though nothing can beat it in terms of inducing warmth and tranquillity in a space.

This is the advantage of seeking the advice of an experienced interior designer, Transterior. They replaced the idea of wooden flooring with the use of faux wood tiles that can be mistaken for the original finish, if not noticed properly.

These tiles are of porcelain or ceramic make so as to resist water and are ideal for creating a spa-type of flooring for your bathroom.

Hiding the toiletries in a bathroom that is not spacious, was not an easy job on her part.

But the experts came up with the option of jars to make the cotton balls and other items appear as decorative pieces.

She could not drop the idea of mounting an open cabinet in a rustic wood finish that now makes an awesome concoction with the beachy green walls.

An innovative towel-warmer sits pretty on the wall adjacent to the petite Japanese bathtub only 5 feet long but sufficiently scaled-down for a comfortable soak.

The best part is that none of these fittings is as expensive as those found in real spas!

Filled with lavender fragrance and soothing instrumentals playing inside, her bathroom is more enticing than any other spa in the city with its non-commercial feel. You too can try one at your home with the help of Transterior.

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