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Easy Steps to Decorate Your Home Interiors In A Summer-Friendly Way

Keeping aside the scorching heat, Summer has its own beauty. In that hot sultry weather, the home is the only place to chill out in the afternoons and unwind yourself at the night. We have shared some tips to make your home cosy for enjoying the cheerful side of the season.

Play with Lighting

Artificial lights produce heat, no doubt, but you cannot do away with them at the same time. Instead of using geometric lamps or statement fixtures in only a part of the room, brighten up your home with a wise play of LED focus lights.

How to Accessorize?

Flowers are refreshing to the eyes and offer a breezy ambience to the interiors. Get floral-themed accents such as cushions or curtains.

Use mirrors with minimalist geometric patterns as these not merely adorn the walls but also create an open and airy feel by reflecting natural light as well as the view of Nature outside.

For pops of colour to live up to the cheerful side of the season, add colourful shelves to the wall. This will help you store and display your stuff in a fun way.

A New Look for the Walls

It would be highly unreasonable to change the paint of the walls as the summer season lasts for only 2 to 3 months in India. Use of wallpapers either fully or in patches is not just cost-effective an option but can make quite an impact, especially the ones with 3D murals.

Adding Greenery

Green plants are always soothing to the eyes and increase the oxygen circulation in the room as well. Besides, they add a positive vibe to the interiors, which re-instil energy in you that you tend to perspire out. Opt for air plants or succulents as they do not require serious maintenance.

Avoid Clutter

The freer your floor space is, airier is the room. Instead of metal cabinets or wooden chests, the sight of which makes you irritated during this sultry weather, bring in unique organisers. Made from a variety of materials, these are available at a low budget and in different designs.

Keep Off the Sun

Drapes and curtains have their own charm in adding elegance to the interiors. Choose from the wide array of colours and patterns available. Use sheer curtains in white for a sense of tranquillity in the bedroom, especially if you have a poster bed.

Style Up the Ceiling

One of the advantages of the false ceiling is that it reduces the heat in summers. Gypsum-based false ceilings do not cost much and can be installed within just a couple of weeks. You can retain them for a lifetime if you want to. Whether flush or recessed lights, these ceilings support a great many lighting options and are durable as well.

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