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Easy Ways to Make Your Area Rugs Appear Ever-New

Whether your apartment has an open floor plan or each one of your rooms is huge enough to be delineated into different segments, you cannot do away with area rugs. These are available in a wide array of textures and motifs to complement the moods and tastes of your interiors. Rugs, no wonder, accentuate the floor/wall space and also imparts the required warmth and depth to any room. But the same thing can even appear as a clutter when dust accumulates on it.

Proper cleaning of the rugs at regular intervals of time will prevent you from discarding any of them and spend money on buying new ones.

Rug Pad Is a Necessity

Irrespective of the area where you place the rug, do not forget to put a pad underneath. A rug pad is a simple accessory made of thin material that will lie hidden in between the lower surface of the rug and the floor.

It will provide support to the rug above it and prevents it from sliding, at the same time. The extra bounce offered by the pad hurts the rug fiber less when it bears the weight of the furniture or foot on it. Another advantage of using a pad underneath the area rug is to stop the entry of dirt into the lower face of the rug, resulting in floor grit. Vacuum cleaning the floor gets easier.

Selection of Rug Pad

Rug pads are available in 6 different sizes and if you don't get one to match your rug size perfectly, then do not get disheartened or reject the idea of using a rug pad. You always have the option to trim the sides of the pad to a size that exactly matches with your rug size.

Do Not Hold Back Spots

Rugs certainly require deep cleaning from time to time to look fresh and enticing forever. But that is not possible at all times. So, whenever anything pills on the rug or it acquires spots/ stains in a section of it, make sure to take it off.

Whenever you are cleaning stained spots or strips of the rug, be careful with the chemical you are using to clean them up. The use of harsh chemicals can leave those portions discoloured or faded, leave behind unpleasant smells and even degrade the fiber strength of the rug.

Removing the stains while they are fresh won't require you to scrub off the rug, which will hurt the fibres. Instead, apply water on the respective areas and then blot the stains with the help of a moist cloth or dampened towel.

An easy way of removing gum spills on the rug is by hardening it with ice and then scraping it off using a butter knife.

Make sure to go through the instructions printed on the label of the rug and follow them strictly to maintain its healthy appearance.

How to Vacuum Clean Your Rugs?

Running a high-powered suction through the hairs of the rug will not just remove but will ruin your rug, by unravelling the fibers and causing sprouts or the fibers to come out.

Accidental formation of sprouts can be cured by trimming them with sharp scissors to prevent them from spreading throughout the surface of the rug.

In order to avoid all such damage, use a canister and not a beater bar for vacuuming the rugs. Handheld attachments are also suitable for the purpose. And don't forget to run the vacuum on the reverse surfaces of the rugs.

A Useful Trick!

Nothing on this Earth is everlasting but the rug in your house can surely last long if you keep changing their positions on and off from one room to another so that each of them is exposed to the same kind of stress caused by different degrees of traffic in different areas of the house.

If you have any doubts or need further assistance then feel free to call us at Transterior. We are one of the luxury home interior designers in your city, that believes in adding grandeur to your ambience through exquisite decor ideas.

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