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False Ceilings for a Home with Attitude

It is high time that you have kept your heads down busy texting on your smartphone. Give an innovative touch to your ceilings so that your eyes can never get enough of them. A blank ceiling in a well-furnished and stylishly decorated room appears as if it weren't a part of it but not so in Raghav's living room.

Holy Yellow; Not Dirty Anymore

Here, the ceiling appears as an extension of the wall with immaculate recessed lighting. The combination of white and yellow emits an effulgence that makes the room appealing. Did you notice something? The pattern used in the false ceiling is in sync with the clean lines and neat edges of the furnishings.Panelled walls, light hues and sober finishes make Raghav's living area the perfect zone for both private and professional affairs.

Positive Vibes from the Kitchen

The open kitchen would just look like any other had it not been stylized with this exuberant false ceiling. Use of glossy material was the trick played by Transterior to prevent the bright orange colour from appearing loud. Although open, the kitchen gets defined as a separate room due to the addition of the false ceiling. No colour other than yellowish white could have balanced the vibrancy of orange and impart a subtle look. Specs of the same orange hue in the form of cabinets and kitchen accessories tie up the different zones together.

Wood Does the Best for Your Dining Room

From the partition to the lamp cage, every part of the dining room celebrates the warmth and classy textures of wood. The tray-like false ceiling with appropriate lighting adds a contemporary element with its brick patterned filling. The other pricey accessories appear unnecessary if not unwanted due to the presence of a long-running artwork over the head. This type of a ceiling makes the room visually broader than it actually is and your guests have a hard time getting their eyes off it. Firm support for the spine and a nice excuse to look up, for a change, while eating your meals.

The Best of Ideas Come in Bed

An outburst of Raghav's creativity is what this bedroom is all about. The use of a simple false ceiling design here has enabled some witty lighting to produce an aura of serenity amidst an irresistibly modern interior. You too can try out the same with the help of Transterior like Raghav did. It is an eminent flat interior designer in Kolkata, as concluded by him from his year-old experience of having been assisted by them.

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