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Fun Tips to Update Your Home Interiors on Sundays!

Keeping your home lively and fresh is not a hard nut to crack if you can utilize the free time you get ever Sunday. Here we have discussed such easy and amazing ideas that neither consumes much of your valuable time or money to make your home appear at its best, ALWAYS!

Go With the Season

The easiest way of giving a lift to your bedroom is by changing the bedding. Choose motifs and colours that perfectly match with the season. Say, a combination of lemon yellow or white and olive greens to beat the heat of the Summer.

Or simply keep the bed linens crisp white to complement it with splashes of colour in the form of cushions and rugs. In this case, the colours of the accessories need to be changed as per the prevailing season.

Throw in Pillows

Pillows are the best of accessories when it comes to sprucing up the bedroom or the living area. These not only make the ambience cosy but are available in various textures and colours meant to deck your room or furniture every season.

Whites and nautical blues are soothing to the eyes during the Summer. Pillow covers with solid patterns look neat and fresh without forming any clutter even if too many pillows/cushions are layered on the couch or the bed.

You need not spend extra bucks for changing the headboard or sofa upholstery but simply play with the colours of the pillows placed against them. Opt for faux fur or cable knit textures that will add warmth and character to the room.

Light it Up with Candles

Nothing can beat the glow of the interiors caused by the decoration with candles. Available in a variety of bright, soothing and sensational colours, these are not meant only for celebrations but to create an aura that is celestial.

To attain that priceless visual effect, choose candles in complementing colours for arranging them in groups may be on the bookshelf or atop the chest of drawers in your bedroom.For safety of children at home, use candles with artificial flickering but it won't emit any frangrance that too is reponsible for refreshing the atmosphere of the room.

Use candle sconces for hanging them on either side of the entry doors, hallway or even inside the bedroom.

Place them in a line close to a mirror when arranging a buffet at your dining table for that small dinner party at home on the weekends. The reflection of the flames will add a touch of elegance to the entire decor.

Streamline Your Space

Store stuff into the right compartments of the cabinets and drawers as per their shape and size.

There are many things such as mats or newspapers that are required to be kept in piles. In that case, store the piles in separate wicker baskets so that they can be tucked into the leftover space under the bed or table.

Use taller baskets without or with lids to keep those magazines that otherwise roll on the bed or sofa, off from the eyes.

Get Creative with the Walls

The idea of changing the wall paint every week is almost abstract. But you can definitely change the artwork or the frames mounted on the wall.

To go an extra mile, opt for wall texture designs. Paint a single wall in a room that you choose to or is appropriate for becoming the focal point. Then layer it with patterns of swirls or strips with joint compound paste.

Group frames of similar shapes to fill an empty wall or fill in the portion enclosed by the frame with a contrasting paint of your choice.

I think the number of tips provided here is sufficient for you to start with and once you get a hang of it, ideas will automatically start flowing in. For any further assistance in revamping your home, get in touch with Transterior, your very own interior decorator in Kolkata.

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