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A decade and a half ago, the stylised home was something one would crave for when watching English soaps or music videos.

Remember that all-white room with sleek white sofas and clean lines predominating the room when the Indo-Canadian artist Raghav croons the famous "Let's Work It Out".

But today it is a common affair with more designs evolving over the years.

Here is another young gentleman who also dreamt of a cool house since he was in his teens and has managed to keep his home interiors afresh.

If he isn't very rich then how did he do that?

Believe it or not, the look of the house will deceive you of the actual expenses incurred over the years.

Tricking the Eye

A fine selection of colour palette won't make a hole in your pocket and is a tremendous way of inducing an aura into your home. But hitting the nail on the head is important too. Thus, he called out to the interior design specialist, Transterior. The fresh coats of a single hue in different tones underplay elegance in each of the rooms. The beige walls of the bedroom appear sensational with a cold coffee effect adding tranquillity and romance in the air.

A rosy peach in a subdued shade, makes the dining room a feast for the eyes especially, when the light from outside hit the walls to give it a brilliant glow.

The light aqua blue living room looks offbeat with specks of olive green in the form of the cushions and curtains made of old silk sarees.

Nothing Comes for Free

The crown moulding in the bedroom was a bit expensive, no doubt, but the gracefully finished edges of the ceiling have certainly paid off.

A bit of expense here and there doesn't matter when it is balanced out by other costs that are not heavy on your pocket.

The use of cushions on the sofa in varying textures add a different spark all together.

Could you believe that a couple of nice and fluffy towels in the right colour combination created an eye-catching difference to the bathroom that was usually sober?

Paying Attention to the Unnoticed

The knobs and handles of the kitchen cabinets and doors are the most functional objects that come in contact with the hand for an unknown number of times in a day thereby, losing their lustre with time.

This point was hammered by Transterior for him to change these features whenever he feels the need of revamping his home interiors, till date.

With the wide variety of designs, brands and prices flooding the market, these fixtures are cost-effective gems for that extra sheen without raising the expenditure bar high.

Give a New Picture

The wall behind the bed was transformed into a built-in bookshelf with books and magazines arranged in a manner such that their covers complementing the fabrics used in the room.

Magazines are something that change every month and so do the bed sheets, curtains and pillow cover thus, coordinating them for a brand new look.

Installation and removal of a tile backsplash in the kitchen not just consumes time but money as well.

The new idea that came up on the spot was to align strips of glass painted at the back with some design on it, with the counter space.

Even today the kitchen looks amazing with this single focal point that changes as per his wish, displaying his art.

It's all said and done if you have ideas conjuring in your mind and that is what Transterior hints at, being one of the top interior designers in the town.

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