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Give Your Home Interiors a High, When the Sun is Low

It is the middle of November and just a couple of weeks are left for the winter to set in.

Though India heavily adopts the Christmas culture from the West, the party atmosphere can largely be attributed to the Kolkata climate that is not very chilly.

In that context, many of you out there must be thinking of how to keep the vibe going for the entire Fall Season of 2018.

Well, it is a piece of cake if you can make your home interiors intriguing just like Rachna did.

A flair for giving her home a fresh look, especially the party zones, GOT HER STARTED!.

Flavourful Hues

Pink is mostly associated with a feminine look but the shade used here stimulates the tongue with the thought of enjoying a smooth strawberry souffle.

A fabric with buffalo checks in white and pink enthralled the eyes in the form of wallpaper and sofa upholstery.

Pink cushions and white table lamps befit the scene without exaggerating the perky ambience. White adds a hint of elegance to it.

A perfect setting for the onset of Christmas! Mild but not at all boring, is what the living room expressed.

At first, Rachna thought that her fetish for pink would be made fun of or disappoint her family.

Transterior, the best of interior decorators in Kolkata, boosted her idea and captured it in a frame.

Masculine Additions

Another element in the living room that hits the eye, is the side table by the table lamp.

It is made of faux marble and very well replicates the dark chocolate marble cake!

Does that make you salivate? This is indeed the season to indulge in hot coffee, cookies and cakes.

The room looks spick and span, with such sleek furniture items while a coffee table at the centre would have been a nuisance if placed.

The channelled slippered chairs are one of a kind and can be shifted with ease in whichever direction you want to when conversing with others.

The sofa acts as the focal point, all the way long.

Keep It Soft

The wall was offered a soft touch too, by wallpapering it with the same fabric of the furniture for a tied-up look. Soft textures predominated the room with minimal hardware like the long, freestanding bookshelf made of dark wood.

A Subtle Distinction

Pink made its way into the bedroom adjacent to the living area but without destroying the room's identity.

A hint of black made all the difference in the form of a table lamp and the intricate embroidery on the edges of the pillows.

Peony curtains elegantly draped the bedside window while every bit of a Reiner headboard in pure white was oozing out the richness. The walls too flaunted the same hue of pink to stir up some romance in the air! What more could one ask for?

Rachna could not thank Transterior enough for making the winter so special for her and that too, without her taste being the cause of annoyance for anyone in the house.

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