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Home Decor Tips to Withstand the Hot Summer

This summer make your home the destination to chill out instead of spending bucks in search of relaxation at resorts or water parks. Wherever you go at the end of the day it is the home where you have to retire to. So, why not invest money to make the space more exciting so that you can relax and spend quality time? Take a look at these practical and easy interior design tips to enliven your home.

Treat the Windows with Linen

Make the most of windows by keeping them open since they are the major outlets for cross ventilation in any room. Keeping them shut can check the sunlight outside but it would increase the room temperature, thereby escalating your monthly electric bill due to air conditioners running most of the time.

Already there is so much pollution. Why increase it by releasing more CFCs from the AC when linen window drapes could keep the heat at bay without blocking the light? Sunlight is essential to free your home from unwanted germs.

Choose soothing colours that are indicative of nature such as light green or yellow, cream, white and feel the positive vibe in the room.

Colour Play

Needless to say that light colours have a relaxing effect on the mind and are thus, fitted for the summer colour palette. Replace even a pop of bold or dark colour from the room such as the sofa upholstery, bedspread or cushions. This is the perfect season to go floral combined with other soft patterns to induce a sense of calmness and elegance. Cool doesn't always have to be quirky but an exuberant feeling that engulfs the mind.

Choose White over Black

As you know wearing dark coloured clothes, especially black makes you sweat more during summers. The same works for home interiors as well. Replace all the blacks, if any, with whites in case of soft furnishings, wall paint or bed headboard. Also include light green, pink or yellow in the colour scheme.

Addition of Greenery

A small planter in a corner of the room can instantly cheer up the ambience of even a tiny room. These are power boosters from Nature to pack your home interiors with a punch, beat the tormenting heat and purify the air indoors for a healthy lifestyle. Also, use a couple of potted flowering plants to match the printed florals of the furnishings for a cohesive look. The best part is that these fit into any decor style or theme to increase the charm of the room.

Paintings that Light up the Room

Whether applying wall decal or hanging framed paintings make sure these have a cooling effect on your mind and sight. For instance, beaches, natural landscape or raindrops. Or simply frame wallpapers with patterns ranging from blues to greens.

The scorching summer is not a visual but a physical feeling of stress that you can get rid of to a great extent with a comfy environment at home. Whenever such a situation arrives, get in touch with for the most effective interior decorating services in Kolkata to serve your need of the hour.

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