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How Excess Sarees Became the Best Interior Decor

That sarees not just enhance the femininity of a woman but also give a new dimension to your home interiors can be witnessed here.

These help in adding the required warmth, softness, drama and elegance to the rooms of your house.

Rishita had been complaining since long with the unbearable burden of sarees in the closet, the courtesy of her doting husband. On the other hand, Diwali was just a month away and she wanted her home to appear as expressive as possible. Now you may wonder what is the connection between sarees and Diwali home decor if you haven't visited her home.

The arrival of the festival of lights illumined her mind and she headed towards her wardrobe. Being a student of NIFD, the essence of fashion was already present in her. She used it for stylizing the interiors of her home under the guidance of Transterior, her favourite interior designer in Kolkata.

What to Do When You Have an Exquisite Collection of Sarees at Hand ?

The greyish blue South Indian silk saree of hers with green border stupefied her husband when he found it hanging gracefully as window drapes in the living room.

The best part is that the thickness of the saree is just appropriate for keeping off the sun during the day while the sheen of it glows in the artificial light to add extra brilliance to the room.

A traditional saree was transformed into a headboard for the bedroom, which sits pretty on the wall as a piece of artistry. The headboard has ornamented the otherwise simple room and draws everyone's attention with its ethnicity. She used similar colour and fabric for the cushions to tie the elements of the room together. The dining room also got a gorgeous makeover for the days of celebration.
An unused handmade saree in fuschia pink colour and zari border from her wardrobe was being used as the tablecloth whenever guests came for dinner. The 'pallu' of a benarasi silk with intricate silver zari work has taken the shape of a table runner for daily use thereby, making the dining area stand out. The chairs have been customised with the addition of cushions. The right selection of colour is essential or your place may appear too loud or busy. She gives the entire credit to Transterior for having assisted her in this matter.

A printed cotton saree in dark orange is now a valance at the kitchen window, which she keeps changing with time and the number of old sarees in stock. The low-key and sleek beige sofa in the living room became stunning with cushions made of brocade silk saree in red and mustard. You can't imagine the amount of appreciation she received that brought joy to her family. She couldn't help but congratulate her husband for the love he has showered over the years in the form of delectable sarees. And not to forget Transterior, of course!

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