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How Light Can Totally Transform Your Home Interiors

Want to add a zing to your everyday ambience or create a sense of mystery in the house? Lighting is the only solution. How you use artificial illumination at home is a matter to consider and if things don't work out, you may end up with gloomy or excessively bright rooms. Take a look at the lighting ideas for your home, which we have shared.

Disarrange the Lighting Options

A change in the usual order of the existing light fixtures in your house can set the magic in. Here's a simple way of how to do it. If you have traditional lighting at your lawn, bring them indoors. The chandelier that usually hangs overhead in the sitting area, can now be installed above the dining table. Take off the cluster of pendants facing the dining table or the eating bar in your kitchen to illuminate your living room.

Your Interiors Must Have A Combination of These

Ambient Lighting – This type is a requisite in each room of your house as it offers a brightness that is comfortable to the eyes without any glare.

Sources: Track lights, recessed lights, fixtures that can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling, chandeliers.

Task Lighting – Focussing on a particular direction, this type of lighting is necessary for performing tasks such as chopping veggies at the kitchen countertop.

Sources: Pendant lights, desk and floor lamps, under-cabinet lighting.

Accent Lighting – It refers to both the lighting fixture and the role it plays in highlighting a wall art or simply an accent wall in the room. The amount of light emitted is three times that of the normal ambient lighting.

A statement lighting fixture is also called an accent light as it enhances the appearance of the interiors.

Sources: Recessed or track lights, flood lights and wall sconces.

Save on Energy

In the recent years, LEDs have ruled out incandescent lights that used to emit relatively more heat than the former and consequently consume high energy. Besides, the LED lights come in an array of colours apart from their basic edition of pristine white.

Did you know that the use of lamp shades or fittings could help you save on your electricity bills? The reason is that since the light is emitted through the material of the shade, a bulb of relatively lower-wattage serves the purpose.

Tip: Select a shade or fabric with texture or colour that matches with at least any one of the furnishings present inside the room.

Where to Use What?

Wall scones are perfect for your bathroom to make it stand out in terms of aesthetics and ambience. Task lighting in the form of desk lamp is a must in the bedroom to support your late-night readings without disturbing the other person on the bed. Use dimmable up-lights for the purpose of ambient lighting at other times when you are simply relaxing. Install up-lights on the wall of the living room as this will cause the light to bounce upwards the ceiling and create a different aura without stressing the eyes.

Your kitchen needs to have a balance of both effective and reduced lighting. Install under-cabinet lighting for proper illumination of the backsplash as well as the countertop where most of your activity takes place. Opt for accent lighting inside the transparent cabinets to prevent your open kitchen from blending with the adjoining areas.

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