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How to Add Opulence to Your Home Interiors?

A lavish retreat does not mean a week's stay at any of the plush city hotels. It can be your very own home where you retire after a hard day's work. The country that we belong to, sustains a rich and diverse culture that is home to many inspiring interior decoration ideas that you can indulge in.

The Quintessential Art

Life is a story and every painting speaks of it. I am not talking about the abstract art of the contemporary times but rather the old-school ones like Kangra miniature paintings depicting important mythological scenes.

Such a wall art is the best bet for infusing a touch of royalty into your room. Frame it in gold, bronze or silver, if you wish to. So far as the budget is concerned, these paintings are quite pricey but the replicas are easily available these days in the shops and online as well.

Ultra-Stylish Low Seating

The palaces of India, especially in Rajasthan represent low seating. You too can add the same to your home interiors for a dose of elegance.

Keep the furniture items very basic, made of wood, and then play with a palette of maroon, mustard, pink and green in the form of quilted Rajasthani cushions and pillows. These are a delight to the sight and are not overpowering at the same time. Hang a swing at a low height in a corner of the living or any other room where you would wish to spend some time with yourself reading a book.

Accessorize in the Rajasthani Style

This region of the country is famous for its dancing puppets and the mirror works that originate mostly from the interiors of the palaces.

Why not deck up your walls with these colourful pieces of handicraft or keep a corner that will depict a story that you wish to tell.

A string of small mirrors in the shape of squares or triangles is more than enough to glam up different spaces in your home, say the doorways or on the walls.

Make the Most of Indian Textiles

India has a rich treasure of textiles especially, those originating from Rajasthan. Hand-woven fabrics in bright hues, block prints, embroidery, mirror work- you have a lot of options to choose from.

For that lavish vibe in your interiors, use an eye-catching multicoloured tapestry with an intricate weave, to create a focal point in the room. Opt for interesting colours such as burnt orange, electric orange or bright pink.

Now that you are all sorted, go ahead and explore more new ways of pampering your home interiors. For any assistance you need, get in touch with Transterior. We are one of the interior design companies in Kolkata, which you can rely on. Backed by a team of seasoned experts, we employ economic space planning and innovative ideas to make your place the best from the rest.

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