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How to Expand the Interior Space at Home Using Mirrors?

Did you think that at home, mirrors are required only at the dressing table and the washbasin counter? As you read through, you will discover how the mirror becomes a major and most versatile item of decoration in your home interiors. Besides, it plays a great role in expanding spaces, visually. Here we have discussed the application of mirrors in different areas of the house.

The Entryway

Even if the distance from your apartment's main door to the living-cum-dining area is insignificant, maintain an entryway that will interest people the moment they step in. In such a small space, a large piece of artwork or a figurine cannot bring out the effect, which a simple mirror can with some intelligent lighting. Besides, you don't need to rush into the bedroom for that last minute look check after having tied up the shoelaces!

The Living Room

Instead of creating a feature wall or a gallery of paintings, place an oversized framed mirror against the wall behind the sofa or the central piece of furniture in your living room. This will create an illusion of the room extending thereby, making it appear bigger than it actually is. The mirror will reflect natural light during the day, which will increase brightness. Do not forget to select an appropriate shape or frame of the mirror, so that it is in sync with the room decor.

The Dining Room

A gloomy dining room is not at all pleasing, especially if it is not much exposed to the natural light. Mount a horizontal mirror on the wall that has a window on its adjacent or opposite side, maybe that of your open kitchen. You can very well imagine the lively ambience in the area to be created by the reflection of daylight as well as the view of the sky.

The Bedroom

Replace your wooden or leather headboard with a mirrored one. This will impart a sense of depth to the room. Use a crystal chandelier or sparkling pendant lights, that too will reflect light and add a hint of elegance to the room even when they aren't switched on. To complement the look, get side tables with mirrored cabinets.

The Kitchen

We all know that mirrors expand due to heat and can develop cracks with direct exposure to the gas oven in the kitchen. But does that anyhow prevent you from using them as a backsplash in the form of tiles? Mirrored tiles are easy to clean and at the same time add a sleek style to the kitchen.

The Stairway

Your narrow staircase will no more remain the same once you place a mirror on the wall facing it. The magic lies in the mirror that will enchant you with the flight of steps continuing further upwards. But be careful enough not to bump into it.

The Wall

The combination of wood and glass/ mirror is unbeatable. A fully mirrored wall will look aesthetic only if the room is devoid of too many decorative items placed here and there. In that case, an alternating panel of wood and mirror in a horizontal manner will make for an ideal accent wall.

Mirrored Furniture

Pleasing to the eye and perfect for the contemporary style of decor, mirrored furniture is a remarkable choice for creating illusory space in your rooms. But make sure not to place them in the high traffic areas so as to avoid any damage or injury. Besides, you need to clean them more often since they show dirt easily.

By now, you must have found a solution from these ideas. To explore more, stay in touch with Transterior. We are one of those reliable interior decorators in Kolkata, which values your interior fancies and materializes them to the extent of practicality, aesthetics, and functionality.

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