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How to Make Your Small Living Room Visually Large?

Do you feel that the living room of your new apartment is too small to be functional or stylish? Then you are certainly wrong. There are interior decorating solutions that can help you overcome these spatial challenges both mentally and physically. We are providing you with a handful of them.

Furniture Type to be Used

Get furniture items that will even fit into the corners without leaving empty spaces that cannot be used otherwise. So, replace the traditional bulky sofa with a sectional. The advantage with compact stools or sleek tables is that they can be kept in the corner when not being used. This will save much of the floor space at the centre of the room for you to indulge in some art and craft with your kids or a game of cards with friends.

Colours to Choose

Use similar neutral hues for the furniture items and the walls so that your eyes get the illusion of an expansive area. At the same time, don't forget to add textures and colours in the form of cushions, area rugs and other accessories or else the room will appear lifeless.

Importance of Light

The functionality of your living room is largely dependent on how well illuminated it is. Try to let in as much as natural light possible by extending the windows or treating them with sheer curtains. This will make the room more bright and airy.

Every corner should be properly lit with wall sconces that are classy and simple as well. Suspend a uniquely designed lighting fixture made of glass, wood or crystals from the ceiling, to do the honours. This will retain the style quotient of the room without becoming overbearing. Use a dimmer for adjusting the brightness of light, as and when required to.

Use of Glossy Surfaces

From a shining table lamp to a framed mirror on the wall, use anything to decorate your living room that will reflect light and create an illusion of space. Incorporate glossy ceramics, polished metal, mirror or glass surfaces in a creative way.

Light Hues for Walls

Paint the walls with light tones of blue so that it reminds you of the sky and adds an openness to the room. Instead of matte, use glossy finishes since they reflect natural light and offer you an impression of increased height.

Keep Things Simple

Your living room is not a display counter where you need to showcase all your memorabilia, photographs or even furniture items. Keep only what is needed and store portable furniture items in the closet. Furniture with tufted upholstery is not easy to clean, which is a prerequisite for making your room appear bright and airy. Use slipcovers instead since these can be changed from time to time.

Smart Storage

Exploit the corners or empty wall spaces to install decorative floating shelves, cubbies and bookcases instead of filling them up with artworks or paintings. This will help you keep the room free of clutter.

These easy solutions will definitely cheer you up. For any help in the selection of furniture or colour palette, you may access Transterior. It is undoubtedly the best interior designer in Kolkata that came to my rescue while I was residing in Bolpur and wanted my new flat in Kolkata to be designed in a contemporary style.

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