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Ideal Window Treatment for Every Room in the House

Window drapes not just guard you against the sun or offer privacy but they definitely play a part in accentuating your home interiors. Thus, you need not forsake the elegant silhouettes simply because your window frame or the room is not very big in size. Here, we have provided you with a detailed room-to-room guide to make the most of the wonderful window treatments available in the market.

Living Room

Nothing can beat the charm of curtains made of white linens. Or you may even use sheer panels in the preferred shade that complements the colour scheme of the room. These allow the natural light to penetrate and brighten up the room thereby, adding openness to it.

Do your living room windows face a busy street? Use neutral-toned draperies to frame the window for introducing a soothing effect. If your room is blessed with bay windows then opt for hanging drapes or woven shades of the same colour or pattern to tie up the look of the entire room.

Dining Room

From the most intimate candle-light dinner to a grand buffet on the festive days, the dining room is the place for some action! Silk draped panels would be the perfect window treatment for the room as it will glow in the candle-light or shine otherwise in grandeur to the delight of your guests. The colour black may look more dramatic but softer tones are soothing to the eye when the room isn't very large. Opt for flowing curtains to create an illusory height of the ceiling by placing the curtain rods a few inches above the window frames.


This area of the house requires the simplest of window treatments but with a zing. Choose between shutters or a valance in a shade that is contrasting or complementing to the colour palette of the kitchen, for an inviting look!


No matter how big or small the window in your bathroom is, its functionality here is no less than that in the kitchen. Privacy and entry of natural light, both the factors need to be kept in mind while choosing the window treatment. The cafe-style curtains are appropriate for covering the lower portion of the window while the rest can allow light as well as the view outside. For a bit stylish look, use Roman shades in a semi-sheer fabric.


The window drapes you use in your bedroom will not jot assure you with required privacy but a sound sleep on the Sunday afternoons by guarding off the heat and light. A wise combination of sheer and drapery panels for the windows will do the job.

Kid's Room

There can be no better option than Roman blinds as these are easily functional by kids. On the other hand, the curtain may fall down if by chance they are pulled with more force than the usual, as is what is common for the children to do. For the required fancy touch, hang a string of fairy lights to the window frames.

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