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Interior Decoration Tricks to Keep Off Unwanted Noise

The contemporary urban living is all about aesthetics and comfort. In the modern times, homes are built with functional designs that appeal to the eyes. But seldom do you think over the acoustics of the home or rather the rooms. Modern apartments do compromise on the wall thickness that the traditional houses can boast of. Here we will discuss how with some simple interior design ideas you can make a huge difference to the ambience of your home.

Choose Drywall Over Masonry

The conventional masonry constructed walls are being replaced by Gypsum-based drywalls across India. High sounds as of more than 85 decibels, usually caused by the construction work nearby or traffic, can be easily kept in check through the use of drywalls as partitions between the rooms. These are able to insulate each and every space in the house against sound more than 70 decibels.

Installation is Easy

The process of constructing a drywall is free of hassles since the amount of water required is 95% less than that used in building the traditional walls. Besides, it takes only as less as two weeks to get installed. The best part is that the drywall helps in carving out additional spaces from the specific rooms or hallways to serve different purposes say a mini workstation beside your bedroom.

Designer Ceilings are Not Just Meant for Aesthetics

Did you know that many of the designer ceilings in the market come in various perforation patterns that not only delight the eyes but also resist sound and moisture? Being gypsum-based and available in a wide range of shapes, colours, these ceilings offer a smooth finish to any room. Construction of such ceilings is also damn easy.

Spruce it Up with Wallpapers

A combination of gypsum-based drywalls and wallpapers complementing the decor of the room is the ultimate for keeping off unwanted noise that is distracting or disturbing you. Wallpaper installation does not take much time once you have chosen the ones appropriate for the concerned room or space.

Furniture Placement

Place the heaviest furniture that you have in a room such as a dresser, study table or the bookshelf, against the wall that separates it from another room. This will also keep a check on the flow of the noise.

Thick Upholstery and Curtains

You may even experiment with thick textures in the form of curtains or an upholstered wall in the room, which is in fashion these days.

If you are in search of a false ceiling designer in Kolkata, then get in touch with Transterior. It is not just about the acoustics but the overall appearance of your home that we care for.

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