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Is a New Coat of Paint Enough for Keeping the Home Interiors Afresh?

If you love your brushes and painting, then the weekend is the perfect time to add a touch of freshness to your home interiors. Now, you may think that is it not an outlandish idea to change the colour of the walls, especially in terms of the expenses? Well, there are many other elements that you can cling to, for the purpose. Here is a list of them.

Divert Your Attention from the Walls

Think out of the box to highlight certain insignificant items that you could never imagine will be able to steal the show. Besides, painting is the most cost-effective tool to revamp your home as well as to stimulate your creative juices.

The First Impression

Prior to any other aspect of your home, the entry door is the first to get noticed. Use a pop colour in the glossy or matte finish and a complementary shade for a fresh coat on the adjacent letterbox.

Magic on the Floors

The wooden floors are a great canvas for painting patterns with the help of a painter's tape and textured finishes. In fact, this is a problem-free option to make your old flooring appear new in comparison to sanding and staining.

Kitchen Cabinets are an Excuse

Cabinetry forms the soul of your kitchen and what a better way to refresh its ambience than by re-painting the doors or inner portions of the cabinets and cupboards. Do check if the surface has developed cracks or holes. You cannot afford to compromise on the costs of sanding and cleaning if you want the fresh coat of paint to do wonders. Use a primer that will match the previous substrate of paint to strengthen the bonding of the fresh coat. Two coats of an oil-based paint would be just perfect.

Trick the Eyes

To make your free-standing bookshelf or a chest of drawers appear wall built-in, paint these with the colour that you have used on the wall against which the furniture stands. Use a bright shade to paint the stuff on the shelves such that these very old objects form a still life with the shelving unit blending into the wall.

Paint the Wall in Parts

The present trend is to paint the walls in panels which may even continue across the ceiling and end on the opposite wall. You can make the edges of the patches prominent by keeping the lines sharp or simply leave the brushstroke edges for that subtle artistic appearance.

Don't Miss the Fifth Wall

Yes, you have guessed it right. It is the ceiling that remains unexploited when it comes to painting the interiors. But this space has the same area as that of the floor and painting it in a contrasting shade will earn you kudos from your guests.

Roll up your sleeves and get started. For further assistance in painting or the selection of colours and textures, feel free to call us at Transterior. We are one of those interior design firms in Kolkata that believe in experimenting and paying heed to all your fancies with a fine touch up by our experts.

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