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Is a U-Shaped Kitchen Right for Your Home?

You must have adored the grand u-shaped kitchens of cookery shows or celebrity homes and desired the same for your own home. But this is an area in the house where functionality is the priority otherwise there won't be any value of just beautiful decor. Weigh yourself both the benefits and limitations of such a kitchen layout to find out if it would fit into your home.

The u-shaped layout utilizes all the three walls of the room with a long continuous stretch of countertops bending at curved angles. Thus, you get the liberty to work with abundant space for keeping equipment and crockery scattered during the preparation time. Consequently, the area for overhead cabinets and drawers/cabinets underneath also increases in terms of number.


* A Couple's Kitchen

If you have enough space in the kitchen to spare then the u-shaped design is the ultimate choice for utilizing it without leaving behind any dead space. It provides you with increased storage area and ample enclosed floor space for free movement so that you don't bump into your partner during the speedy breakfast prep!

No Space Clash

The work triangle of a u-shaped enables free movement towards the cooking range, the refrigerator and the washbasin without one blocking the other since this layout allows the positioning of these three stoppages at equal intervals. So, if you are busy washing the barbecue veggies your partner can help you with setting the marinade inside the fridge.

No Isolation from Guests

There is no better way of treating your loved ones than serving them with delicacies fresh from your kitchen when they arrive home. But doing so prevents from interacting with them which, can be changed if you have an open wall kitchen that is a perfect match for the u-shaped layout. If you have a sprawling area then this kitchen design is also the most suited for incorporating an island or dining table to gorge during a chit-chat.

Fun with Kids

Ignite the cooking interest of your kids if you find them keen on watching you work in the kitchen. With abundant free floor space to stand or move about, the u-shaped kitchen serves as a platform to budding chefs in the family.


Not Practical for Small Kitchen

The u-shaped design including chairs, an eating bar or kitchen island with open wall style for interacting with the invitees would confine the area.

There won't be adequate floor space and all the cabinets underneath the countertops can't be opened simultaneously. Therefore, the design would work in medium to large-sized kitchens only.

Not Budget-Friendly

Larger the kitchen layout, as in the case of u-shape, more is the length of countertops and the number of cabinets that have to be filled adequately. This would require you to spend on extra fancy crockery or appliances only for not keeping the shelves/ countertops void. Don't forget to factor in these expenses when planning the budget of the u-shaped design.

Difficulty in Accessing Cabinets

With the increasing number of large cabinets permitted by the u-shaped design, the kitchen would end up appearing boxy. Unless trolley units are installed into the corner bottom cabinets, you would face trouble in opening them or storing your stuff. Your hardware costs thus go up, increasing the total. Besides, rusting is a problem in India that would demand the replacement of the trolleys from time to time.

Whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom where functionality overtakes fancy, you have to help you blend the two. We are the best of interior decorators that will never disappoint you irrespective your home size and budget.

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