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Soft Colours and Basic Furniture Designs Can Create Magic!

Peach is intense, passionate and enticing a colour for making the most of it to pamper yourself. Didn't get it? Well, you'll surely understand once you see how a single hue in different shades distinguished every room from the other at Ryan's home.

Mild Hues for Relaxation

The bedroom is all ecstatic with its peach walls that release energy, romanticism and tranquillity- all at the same time thereby, making it the perfect destination to confide in. The ivory furniture items exude elegance and sophistication in the right amount without exhibiting any Victorian vibe. The clean lines and basic designs appear unique and will remain so even after a decade or two. Use of fewer accessories doesn't fail to make the room any less attractive. In fact, the ambience is more intoxicating in which you would want to lose yourself. Why use the floor space when the walls are empty and spend some extra bucks in fetching some wall arts?

Mystique Bathroom with a Softness

Glossy tiles are most appropriate for the bathroom walls to resist moisture as well as reflect natural light for the brightness required. It is not necessary to hide your toiletries behind doors because they serve the best in accentuating the place. So, go for this platform structured wash basin vanity with a long-running open shelf that can hold stuff of all sizes and kinds (towels, bottles, etc). This will enable enough space for free movement inside, which is what the bathrooms of the apartments lack these days. A couple of contemporary pendant lights is all you need to add some glamour in a splendid way. The combination of peach and white looks exotic in the most minimal way and the credit goes to Transterior .

Simple Ideas Make a Difference

This yellow hue resembling a petite canary bird is greatly complemented by the whites used in the form of horizontal overhead cabinets, dining table, peach chairs and window drapes. Plain and moderately glossy surfaces are easy to clean without much effort thereby, keeping your kitchen spotless. A circular dining table is a trick you can deploy to transform the adjoining space of your open kitchen into a dining room when you can't be generous enough to allow any excess area for this purpose. Hang an exciting light fixture over the dining table to demarcate the area from the rest.

Peachy Magic

Can you imagine a modern living room interior without wallpapers? Transterior made it possible in Ryan's home. The choicest shade of peach shadows the impact a wallpaper would have otherwise. Taste matters a lot when decorating your home without becoming extravagant. What you should focus on is quality, especially when it comes to sofa upholstery and drapes like Ryan was advised. And the result is what you all can see. White combined with peach looks ethereal, modern and sombre irrespective of your room size. When asked, Raghav said that "You need to find an interior decorator you are compatible with and can open your heart out". That individual designer from Transterior surely did or why would she too be staying in that home as his newly wedded wife?

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