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Tips to Design Furniture for Your Small Apartment

The square footage of your home need not be a limitation for stylising your furniture. You simply require to be smart with your ideas for a polished appearance of your interiors without going overboard or crowding the floor space.

Furniture with Integrated Storage

Unavailability of a sufficient number of unused corners or empty closets is certainly a problem when it comes to hiding unwanted stuff. So, identify storage spaces in the existing furniture items or replace them with those that come with hidden compartments for storing stuff.

Tablet, mobile phones or the TV remotes lying on the centre or coffee table in the living room, produce unnecessary clutter. Customize your coffee table with shelves or drawers underneath as a solution.

Opt for a couple of matching ottoman stool instead of poufs to hide some of the unwanted stuff inside them, beneath the seats.

Get long and low bins for occupying the empty space underneath your bed. You can store anything from your unused fashionable shoes to extra bed linens.

Select Multi-purpose Items

Work and comfort go hand-in-hand. So, get a rolling chair for your desk that is contemporary, sleek, flexible and not harmful to the body. This will provide the same amount of comfort to even an aged person as an armchair could have. Separate desk and armchairs will simply occupy extra floor space.

Crowding the wall spaces makes a small room appear busier. Be it books or TV, streamline them into a wall mounted creative furniture piece that will not only store your books but display the TV and other accessories as well.

Size Does Not Matter

A grand dining table may look good on glossy magazine pages but not when you have to handle it in reality and that too, in a small area.

On the other hand, a bistro table is an ideal rocker providing a breakfast nook just perfect for your Sunday brunch with family or friends. A kitchen table offers enough storage space with shelves and drawers at its pedestal so that you can have the extra cutlery sets and recipe books right at hand.

Extra Bed for Guest

You may think that I am joking! But a bed that can be converted into a sofa certainly can transform your living room as the guest bedroom for the night.

That typical sofa and table concept is a bit backdated and is being replaced by low dewans in the living rooms of modern, small-sized flats.

Aren't the tricks easy? Start with your mission and you will find innovative ideas coming up your way.

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