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Your Bathroom Too Can be a Perfect Place for Unwinding

The concept of a bathroom has changed significantly over the years, from a mere utilitarian space to an area of privacy as well as relaxation. If your bathroom is not very spacious then there is no reason to panic as we will show you fresh, natural and practical ideas with optimum space utilization.

Think Fresh

When you need to hide your tears, express your pent up feelings or simply relax after the household chores, which is the place you tuck yourself in? The answer is all known to us. So, why not make that space beautiful in your own interesting way?

Easy tips

An accent wall is the most inexpensive means for adding a sparkle to your bathroom. You can paint one of the walls in a bright colour, decorate it with geometric tiles, cover it with a large painting or a contemporary mirrored panel.

Use water-resistant glass fittings to separate the wet section from the rest of the area. Besides, the reflection of light on the glass will make your bathroom appear larger. An addition of flowers or shower plants is essential for instilling a calmness in the ambience while the air gets purified as well.

Eco-friendly Bathroom is the Latest Trend

A lot of the wastage of natural resources takes place at home itself. Yeah, you've guessed it right. I am talking about the water wastage in the bathroom. You too can take your step against environmental degradation by saving water and opting for hardware that doesn't prove to be hazardous for the natural environment. Use paints with zero or low volatile organic compounds (VOC) as this will lessen the harmful impact of chemical intoxication in the long run.

Don't Stick to Pictures

The lavishly styled bathrooms that you see in the glossy magazine pages are mostly about marble flooring, closets, and enormous bathtubs. Bue even a minimalist look can produce an aura of its own true to your taste and style.

Here is the Secret!

You have to be really wise with the use of every inch of space available without making it cramped.

How to Create an Illusory Space?

Install a walk-in shower with glass doors having towel stands on them. Use a corner sink that will not take any extra space except the corner which is of no use otherwise. Bring in a collapsible cabinet and a floating vanity. Extend or install a countertop over the toilet for keeping essentials instead of a separate cabinet there.

Safety is a Priority

Many of us choose and install locks or faucets simply being attracted by their looks and not their functionality. Complicated locks can be risky in times of emergencies when every single minute counts. So, if you have both the aged and children in your family then go for simpler options.

'Aesthetic pleasure' is not the last word for your bathroom. Functionality and safety also do matter. Choose a flooring that can be wiped out easily and is less slippery, since you don't want anyone to get hurt.

Do you need help in selecting or installing the right hardware? Contact us at Transterior. We are an interior design company in Kolkata that fights spatial challenges to make the most out of your home and design it as per your aspirations.

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